Consolidate or just unify naming of ModelParams.getNonPredictors and ModelBuilder.specialColNames


ModelBuilder.specialColNames (apparently unused) and ModelBuilder.numSpecialCols expose columns like offset, weight or fold if they are present in the training frame.

ModelParameters.getNonPredictors exposes all training columns which are not predictors: this includes the ones above + the response column.


Rename ModelParameters.getNonPredictors and change signature to ModelParameters.specialColNames(boolean includeResponse).
All current usage should then call params.specialColNames(true) instead.

Change signatures of ModelBuilder.specialColNames to ModelBuilder.specialColNames(boolean includeResponse) and ModelBuilder.numSpecialCols(boolean includeResponse).

All current usage should then call mb.numSpecialCols(false) instead.

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Sebastien Poirier