Reorganize & expand H2O AutoML user guide page


Since many people end up on the AutoML page via google search and might be new to H2O, let's make some improvements to the page so that it's more self-contained and doesn't require people to leave the page to learn how to install/use H2O.

Suggestions by :

  • add a quickstart - including description how to install and fire up H2O (simplified version of instructions from Download page), this would make sure people don’t need to leave the AutoML page and don’t get distracted

  • move examples up front, before parameter description

  • add a diagram of the automl process, with links to detailed pages - run automl, explain, get a MOJO (production deployment artifact)

  • mention xgboost in the beginning

  • (IMHO) the introductory paragraphs do not really say what problems can H2O AutoML solve (supervised… what are examples of those), it more focuses on how AutoML works/what it does

  • default to show Python examples instead of R

Additional suggestions:

  • Flow examples (either on AutoML page directly or on the Flow page)

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Erin LeDell