Python client show/summary/describe improvements


suggestions to improve printing logic in Python client:

  • clearly distinguish __repr__ from __str__:

    • only the second should be used by default for printing. The first should always provide a structured representation (ideally even understandable by the Py interpreter), when the second provides a reader-friendly representation if needed, otherwise __repr__ is also used as a default representation if no __str__ is provided by the class.

    • none of these function should call print directly or indirectly !!! (see impl. in H2OFrame). It's print that will call str() and therefore __str__...

    • see for official recommendation.

  • consider using a logger (by default logging to stdout) for all calls to print that are not part of a method that explicitly aim at printing on stdout (e.g. show, summary, describe…)

  • for complex representations, consider separating data from formatting. Currently, it's all hardcoded, not customizable, and user can often hardly access the various data printed by methods like show or summary.

    • idea behind H2ODisplay is good and should be used to represent most complex objects, but the current implementation is poor (especiallly the calls to print at construction time).

    • for example, summaryshould always be implemented as follow:

      • create an H2ODisplay instance holding all the data that will be printed. For example a list of entries, with each entry having a title/header (optional), a description/text section (optional), a table for data (optional). This should allow to represent any kind of object in a structured way.

      • H2ODisplay can have a formatteror renderer attribute allowing to render its representation in various formats: plain text, html, json… defaults to plain text.

      • H2ODisplay.__str__ returns the application of the formatter to the content.

      • summary calls print(h2o_display_instance)(for backwards compatibility) before returning the H2ODisplay instance itself so that the user can access to the content (or change the formatter for an export to html for example).

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