h2o.importFolder not working with http URLs


Should h2o.importFolder("http://example.com/mydata/") work? I.e. when directory listings in Apache are turned on.

I get a 500 error if I include the trailing slash; when I don't it appears to work but it has parsed the raw HTML of the directory listing!

So, I think it is not supported? If correct, I think the documentation should be updated with the bold text shown here: (I've not tested s3/hdfs, so please adjust accordingly if they do work, and it is just http that does not.)

h2o.importFolder imports an entire directory of files. * Only works with the local filesystem, not for http/s3/hdfs URLs.*If the given path is relative, then it will be relative to the start location of the H2O instance. The default behavior is to pass-through to the parse phase automatically.


Michal Malohlava
August 31, 2017, 9:07 PM

It is not supported since HTTP does not provide good way to list content of given URL by default.

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