runit_NOPASS_demo_glm_uuid.R: intermittent hang on quantile...


I resurrected this email to file as a jira because I'm seeing this runit_demo_glm_uuid.R fail intermittently and I saw another quantile test timeout.

I think there may be some kind of hang that's data dependent (random data) in quantile.

don't really have anything actionable, but this test may need to be nopass again

seems to hang on this quantile

03-06 14:24:02.184 23972 # Session INFO: Method: POST , URI: /3/ModelBuilders/quantile.json, route: /3/ModelBuilders/quantile, parms: {training_frame=subset_26_sid_a8e850c16ea02cdc12cc72905a9d40a5}
03-06 14:24:02.189 23972 FJ-0-7 INFO: Building H2O Quantile model with these parameters:
03-06 14:24:02.189 23972 FJ-0-7 INFO: {"_destination_key":null,"_train":{"name":"subset_26_sid_a8e850c16ea02cdc12cc72905a9d40a5","type":"Key"},"_valid":null,"_ignored_columns":null,"_dropNA20Cols":false,"_dropConsCols":false,"_score_each_iteration":false,"_max_confusion_matrix_size":20,"_probs":[0.001,0.01,0.1,0.25,0.333,0.5,0.667,0.75,0.9,0.99,0.999]}

Total tests: 172
Passed: 171
Did not pass: 0
Did not complete: 1
Tolerated NOPASS: 0
NOPASS tests skipped: 94

Total time: 1015.72 sec
Time/completed test: 5.94 sec

notrun (hung?) list: runit_demo_glm_uuid.R

Killing Test with PID 32450
Killing JVM with PID 23968
Killing JVM with PID 23969
Killing JVM with PID 23970
Killing JVM with PID 23972

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Kevin Normoyle